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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Watching Richardson on TV

OK, I'm spending way more time watching television than I'd prefer, but, hey, if I couldn't go to Boston (which I could have, but I would have risked returning to utter mayhem and confusion), then watching it on TV may be the next best thing. Actually, it's fascinating for a variety of reasons, the main one being how much the TV political "analysts" are just terrible. I mean, atrocious. 1. Comparing Barack Obama to Tiger Woods! For the love of God, why? Because he's young and black? What is wrong with people? It's so banal and venal and idiotic. Did they even listen to his speech? Read it here. It was a great speech, delivered powerfully, one of two last night that made me, for one, feel something. The second was Teresa Heinz Kerry's. All the pundits had to say after she spoke was that some people would be afraid of her, that she was "sexy," and that she was scripted, but convincing. First of all, she wrote that scripted speech herself. Second, it was a real call to arms and reminder of the values of this country framed in a historical and literary and social activist context delivered by a woman of incredible intelligence. Frankly, I was voting for Kerry no matter what, but she made me feel good about it. How can the TV news people miss it all? Miss the actual goosebump feeling you get when you're hearing a real political speech, not just Teddy Kennedy bullshit?
OK, enough tirades.
Watched Gov. Bill on TV as well. He doesn't do too well talking off the top of his head. When challenged about the Hispanic vote and the Democrats' alleged lock of it, he just mumbled about the party's optimism. Come on!
According to The Times, Richardson is the only official reading Bill Clinton's book, although he isn't finished with it yet.
Gov. Bill also has been found trying to barter for passes to star-studded events (Oh Bill!) and has jumped on the bandwagon regarding the criticality of the Native American vote in New Mexico