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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

So It Begins

So Kerry and Edwards were here last week for their first official visit to New Mexico as Team Dem 2004, in Albuquerque last Saturday. Then on Monday, the Democrats announced their roll-out of Spanish language ads. A few hours later, Republicans announced their own Spanish language ads. It seems that
Jorge Ramos was right when he said candidates are going to need to reach out to Hispanic voters. Not by actually having Hispanics on the ticket or anything, though.
OK, I admit it. I see Kerry and Edwards smiling away, and then Bush and Cheney, um, snarling away, and I think, for the love of something, could we get a woman on a ticket? A person of color? Anything besides all these old white guys? (Of course, Edwards, as we've been hearing, ain't that old, although I don't personally find him that hot). The New York Times had a funny piece over the weekend comparing the attractiveness of former presidents, so this isn't just my own shallowness. It's news!
What else? As you may recall, I saw John Sayles' upcoming movie, Silver City, when I was at the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies conference in San Antonio last month. It will be released in Santa Fe on Sept. 17, and I'm hoping SFR can have some kind of sponsorship event of the film, along with voter registration.
Speaking of which, I am supposedly filming a portion of a public announcement for local channels tomorrow, telling people to register to vote (and vote).
The DNC Convention starts next week and, no, I am not going, despite all my well-laid plans (which were not particularly well laid, obviously). Between getting ready for Best Of (and trips in August to LA and Canada), a week in Boston seemed a little unrealistic. I'm hideously jealous of everyone who is going, though, for what that's worth. Spoke with US Rep. Tom Udall, D-NM this week, who will be there, stumping for Kerry, along with the guv. But the truly crazy thing about this convention is my sincere belief that the words "I love Ronald Reagan" will soon issue from my lips. No, not the dead one. The son. The son who ain't voting for Bush. God bless America!