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Monday, June 14, 2004

This week is quickly becoming a madhouse. Thirty year anniversary plus Gay Issue plus Best Of plus AAN conference in San Antonio equals adult attention deficit disorder. I can barely finish my sentences. Must remain calm and find new yoga teacher.
Running home for lunch did not help. Eating was a good idea, but Santa Fe traffic is not particularly soothing. Nearly everyone on the road today has a smashed front end and no brake lights. Yes, I know, driving and traffic have nothing to do with politics. See, even my blog is out of control.
Well, vaguely relating to politics: one of our photo shoots for the 30th anniversary is a group shot of important politicans from the past and present. So far we've basically got confirmation from everyone except Mayor Delgado! I don't understand why it's so difficult to get the mayor on the phone.
This week's cover story is about progress at the Railyard in terms of having a movie house. Many of the details of the current proposal are being kept under wraps in ways that seem, well, not so great for a public project, key word: public. Hopefully we'll learn more in the coming weeks. OK, back to work.