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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Saved by Blog

OK, back up. Yesterday, when my blog disappeared, the first card I saw, sitting on my desk, was Tom Blog's. Blog, if you recall, ran for Santa Fe County Commission, lost to Virginia Vigil, and also kept a blog. Anyway, long story short, he figured out what was wrong with my blog and now here I am again! Weird spaces keep popping up into my template, creating broken links and yesterday's visibility problem. Now, as you can see there is a weird code thing going on with my "posted by" line. Now, I am happy to acknowledge that perhaps I am creating all these problems by messing around with my template, but I can't help it. I like to futz.
This morning, the entire Reporter staff is having its photo taken for our 30th anniversary (come celebrate June 30. We're having a street fair at our offices: 132 E. Marcy Street). Unsurprisingly, everyone in the office seems to have come to work wearing jeans and a black T-shirt. When that's all done I need to get started on Best of Santa Fe, the issue. We should start getting results today from the poll. Unlike normal voting, Best Of participation keeps increasing each year—40 percent more votes this year than last, according to our publisher. It's funny because people love to vote in contests, but not in elections. I wonder if when the day comes that people can vote online for presidential elections etc that participation will increase. Maybe it's just the hassle of going to the polls that keeps people from voting? That seems absurd, but I do know at least one person who told me on the primary that he didn't "have time" to vote. Obviously, it's bullshit. Voting takes like three seconds. Personally, I love going into the voting booth (I guess it's not so much a booth here as a little, um, tent), but voting online would be convenient. And maybe all the youth voting recruitment efforts in the world won't make as much difference as just letting people vote online.