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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Latino Outreach

I learned today that I had been subscribed to a Latino outreach list-serve about projects like this one, so I should be learning more about our comparable efforts around the country as the weeks go on. The group is part of National Voice, an organization working on voter registration. Actually, they wrote to me in response to my writing to them, although i don't remember writing to them. I've sent a lot of letters out in the last few months. In other news, we are hoping Joe Ray Sandoval will be able to attend The Latino Academy in Los Angeles this summer, where he can work with other Hispanic activists and get more training for our project (and network etc). I would write more but my email and computer has been broken all day (so is my DVD player at home; am worried I am having one of those weeks where all the equipment I come near breaks.) Anyway, didn't have computer access all morning and am terribly behind on numerous items that I won't bore you with here.
Salon's article today on the new profiles of George Bush that depict him as a rageful raving lunatic was a bit disturbing.