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Saturday, June 12, 2004

I have to admit to feeling a bit revolting today. There are many words in the world but only one for how I feel right now: hungover, brothers and sisters. Oh well. As it happens, I really didn't drink much, just didn't eat much either and am the world's biggest lightweight.
Anyway, am feeling less coldhearted and indifferent regarding Reagan's death today. Actually as of last night. We were talking, at Swig, Dan, Emily, Jonanna and I, about watching the funeral. Still and all, the sainting of Reagan is ridiculous. But watching Nancy Reagan kiss his coffin, it occurred to me, as it does from time to time, how important it is that "we," the so-called left, progressives, whatever you want to call us, don't act like assholes about the right, conservatives, whatever you want to call them. Really, the humanity of the situation, the reality of our situation, is tragic. We all die, get old, get sick, have diseases, lose people we love, suffer, etc. I always think that what drives me nuts about the right isn't so much fiscal conservatism, but the ways in which their policies translate into lack of feeling for those who are in need. How does it make sense to fight that with lack of caring for others on my part? So, it's one thing to remind or voice the reasons Reagan wasn't my personal hero (and God knows GW ain't and never will be), but that's different than wishing them harm. It's like the day when I saw that woman driving the Expedition with the American Flag on it and I felt this crazed hatred towards her. Not going there. Reminds me, though, of that funny movie The Last Supper, where the liberals decide to fight back and just start killing the conservatives. Of course, they all end up dying too. Oops, spoiler!
Yikes. After Swig, we went to ChicanoBuilt, which was banging. In my cocktailed state, I seem to recall picking a fight with Joe Ray about him not posting to his blog like he's supposed to. Kind of a geeky thing to pick a fight about, eh?