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Thursday, June 10, 2004

I can't believe how freaking hot it is here all of a sudden. It's like: spring, spring, spring, boom dog days of summer hot. It is getting hot in here, but I'm not taking off all my clothes.
OK. So, Dan Frosch, a former staff writer for The Reporter, is here visiting, which has been fun, albeit hard on the old liver. I'm planning on having Dan, who is a former Source staffer and has great hip hop connections, writing a series of interviews w/ hip hop artists as part of our project over the next six months.
Alternet has an interesting article today about How To Use Hip Hop As A Political Tool that I thought was pretty well done. Well, more later. I need to: interview a potential intern and continue lining up former SFR staffers for our 30th anniversary photo shoot next week.