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Thursday, June 02, 2005

no news is good news

Things I disapprove of today:

1. The expression "no news is good news."
2. A move to change The Museum of Fine Arts' name to The New Mexico Museum of Art. Waste of money and time and also now when a person says, "Oh yeah, I saw it at the MFA" no one will know what they are talking about or, worse, will correct them. Almost as inane as changing Villa Linda Mall to Santa Fe Place (but not quite because nothing is as inane as that).
Let's just call The MFA: Museum #1. Maybe I should change my name to: Woman Three Desks from the Back.
3. Weird dust bits flying through the air today.
4. Instructions on about how to do stuff which are not very clear and are huge time-sucking waste.
5. Today's editorial in The New Mex about Georgia O'Keeffe which was, in news jargon, a big blowjob and very annoying.
6. The fact that someone landed on this blog today by doing a google search on "older people screwing." Why? Why? Why?
7. The fact that my ipod adapter in my car has frayed wires and keeps cutting in and out.
8. The fact that I'm too young to remember anything about Watergate and Deep Throat but starting to get too old for other things (too enervated to go into details)
9. The fact that my good mood of the morning has suddenly become cranky-pants desire to write lists of things I don't like.
10. weird pain in shoulder.

OK, I'm going to go over to Site Santa Fe and see the Paul Sarkisian show and, with any luck, that will bounce me out of this sudden blackness of mood and back into my usual relatively-upbeat productive mode.